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Vietnamese street food

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The one, the only, Vietnamese street food, with prices!

Vietnamese street food is absolutely amazing. All the products that are being used are extremely fresh. I guess this is the reason why everything is so tasty and full of flavour. In this post about ‘Food from around the world’ I will explain some amazing Vietnamese street dishes to you that you can try in this extraordinary country for less than 65.000 Vietnamese Dong (around 3$).

Banh trang tron

This amazing salad is a popular street food. It’s made out of rice paper, quail eggs, mango, dried shrimps, chili powder and some chopped peanuts. You can also have it with squid (muc) but I personally prefer it without.

Price: 20.000 vnd

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Bun Cha

This dish is particularly popular in Hanoi where it has been thought to originate from. When you order this dish you will receive grilled pork, a plate of plain white rice noodles, fresh herbs, a bowl of diluted fish sauce with spices, and some pickled vegetables. Bun cha is usually served with fresh and crunchy crab spring rolls but you can also order it without.

Price: around 30.000 vnd

Banh Xeo

This savoury fried pancake is made of rice flour, water and turmeric powder. It comes with a side dish of fresh herbs and a side of green pepper, bean sprouts, pork and shrimp to stuff the pancake with. The combination of the crunchy pancake and the mixture of filling works surprisingly well!

Price: 20.000 vnd


This warm and creamy rice soup is perfect at any time of the day. You can have it with chicken, beef, fish or any other type of seafood/meat. It is usually eaten by the elderly and children as you don’t really have to chew on it. Nevertheless if you have a perfect set of teeth it is still a delicious dish to have.

Price:  Around 50.000 vnd

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Bun Bo Nam Bo

‘Southern beef noodles’ or ‘Nuoc Cham’ can actually not be found in the South as the name suggests. This dish made out of glass noodles, beef, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, bean sprouts and chopped peanuts is a refreshing and light dish perfect for lunch or dinner. This comes as most dishes with a bowl of diluted fish sauce, lime and chillies.

Price: 60.000 vnd

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Bahn Mi

Literally meaning ‘bread’ or ‘baguette’ this sandwich was introduced during the French colonial period. You can have it with a combination of pork, egg, pate, salad, fish, tofu, vegetables or even ice cream. You can literally find a stall selling these on every street, so pick a combination and enjoy!

Price:  Around 15.000 vnd


This Vietnamese dessert is made out of a combination of jelly, coconut milk, condensed milk, beans, pudding, chopped peanut and fresh fruit. There are lots of different combinations available so just give it a try and figure out which one your favorite is!

Price:  Around 10.000 vnd

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What was your favorite Vietnamese dish while travelling through Vietnam? Is there any other food from around the world that I should give a try?